Friday, May 6, 2011

CD story

After some travel time back to Indiana and Florida it is great to back in the PNW...especially when I see the sun peeking through here and there. My second album "Genuine" is in production as we speak! It will be in hand on May 14 and for sale at Kirkland Performance Center where the band and I will get our "Lockout Rockout" going. Below is the KPC site to get your tickets

The album will also be available through a pre-sale special link on this site, online at Itunes, CD Baby, and -- which is the myspace page (if I can figure out how to work the new MySpace layouts). You can also just yell at me if you see me walking around. I'll carry some with me at all times. Quick CD story....Matt Hasselbeck was gonna be on the Jay Leno show back in 2008 so I gave him a handful of CD's of my first album to pass out to the right Hollywood people. (I'm really a Letterman guy) Nevertheless he was more than happy to take them with him as we were leaving the Seahawks facility for the day. As I pulled my truck out of the player's parking lot I realized that Matt was in the car in front of me. He stopped to sign autographs for a group of Hawk fans who had gathered right outside of the facility. He then proceeded to hand out every CD that I had just entrusted in him laughing in his review as he pulled away. Classic Matt.

Here are some other cool things that are coming up:

Craig Terrill Band will be on the new Bob Rivers Show on Weds May 11th. This is the first time the full band has ever done a radio appearance together. Should be pretty cool, or fail miserably. Tune in to find out!

I was just on New Day Northwest the other morning playing a tune off the new album. Here's the link,

Rachel and I along with Pete Moran from Rezin Marketing are putting together a CD release party as we speak. Stay tuned for more will be a memorable night to say the least.

Headed back to Eastlake Church this Sunday after being out of town for too long.

That is all for now, hope everyone is doing well! Next blog will be about our mission trip to El Salvador last Feb.



  1. I LOVE the Bob Rivers Show! How exciting! Good luck! :)

  2. Looking forward to the new album!