Wednesday, March 23, 2011

2nd Album is wrapping

I just spent the morning in the studio with Mike Mattingly (of the Herding Cats) who is producing my album and Jay Kenney (of Audio Logic) who is engineering the project. We put the final touches on my second album tentatively titled "Genuine". Any feedback on that name is appreciated! I am really happy and proud of the work we accomplished and I am looking forward to getting it out to be heard soon. We’re hoping for a May release date.

On the NFL side of things, nothing is happening! We are locked out at the moment so I am working out on my own and enjoying my time with my girls at home. I will be playing some gigs on what we are calling the "Rock out while They Lockout" with my band. We thought we ought to turn a bad situation into something positive. We will have a little fun and try to raise money for some charitable organization. Our first scheduled gig is on Sat. May 14th in Kirkland, WA (Eastside!) at the Kirkland Performance Center. You can get your tickets here- More dates are TBA but the KPC is an awesome place to see a show. There isn’t a bad seat in the place.

I will be doing more updates on this site if people are interested. Stay tuned and God Bless,



  1. I think I'm getting tickets and going to the show! Hey Craig, will you take it personally if I cross the picket line and play defensive line for the Seahawks if the NFL goes to scab players? I was directly involved in 17 blocked kicks during high school. Well, truth be told, I was the kicker. But i'd love to play.

  2. JJ,

    You would make a perfect scab.....let's just leave it at that

  3. Hey Craig,
    You said that you were looking to raise money for a charitable organization. You should check out the Lone Survivor Foundation. It was started by Marcus Luttrell (who wrote the book Lone Survivor) and it helps wounded warriors and their families. It really helped my husband and I after he was injured, so if you are looking for a good cause they are great. You can check them out at

  4. Hey Craig..

    I like your music :D and love the hawks..

    I have a very odd question.. I am in desperate need of help/a favor.. You see, im finishing some body artwork, but to complete it, it would be damn awsome, and a honour, to get something special. I am a HUGH fan of the seahawks, and my rolemodel is Jordan Babineaux. I know you may get many requests from fans and so on. But i am not sure how i can ask for Jordans autograph, so i can finish my body artwork. So.. I need to try catch som others, that might know Jordan..

    I know your a busy man, but if you by anyhow, could help me, you can catch me on email (

    Go Hawks, and go Craig Terrill :D

  5. All of that effort is even more personal when you consider the gifts