Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I was up at 5:30 this morning to head to the training room to get my back contusion worked on by our talented training staff. There's nothing worse than rehab -- it's mentally draining when you want to be out practicing with your teammates. But it's necessary to help get back to 100% for the game.

I was able to participate in individual drills today but sat out of the contact drills. It's funny to read what the media makes of what they see at practice. It sounded like I had to stop mid-practice today, but in reality that was the plan all along.

On my way through the locker room today I saw Edgerrin James' name being put on one of our lockers. I'm excited to have him as a teammate because I grew up as a Colts fan in Indiana. I used to joke that the Colts waited until I was in the NFL (and could no longer have them as my favorite team) to be good. We will miss TJ Duckett and hope he's successful somewhere else (just not against us!)

I got in some guitar playing this evening on the couch with Rachel -- The Beatles, mostly, after reading the recent Rolling Stone article about the band. It inspired me to go back and play a couple of favorites (I'm so Tired; Blackbird; Happiness is a Warm Gun).

Today's Touchdown:
Putting on my cleats today when I was expected not to be able to practice!


  1. Hi Craig,

    Thanks for this blog and letting the fans get a sneak peak into your daily life as a Dad, husband and pro football player for our beloved Seahawks. I am glad to hear your rehab is going well. Hang in there, we need you on Sundays.

    It's inspiring to hear about your music as well, we haven't made it to a show yet, we are in coeur d'alene, but hope to at some point.

    Any tips for an aspiring guitar strummer?

    Go Seahawks!

  2. My "Today's Touchdown"

    Had a rough day at work. Trying to keep ahead of schedule to keep my customers happy. Traffic. Ugh.

    Realizing that I have a job I really do enjoy, so my wife can stay at home and do the hard work. raising the 4 boys!

  3. Stephen, the best thing that helped me was finding a great guitar teacher who will teach you songs that you want to learn -- makes it more interesting. I have a great guy in Redmond, Mike Mattingly (also the guitarist in my band) but that's quite a ways from you.

    Josh, Amen to the hard work of raising the kids! You're super blessed to have a job you enjoy - we both are.

  4. Glad to hear you're doing better than expected. We need you out there. Congrats on the great looking D-line. You guys should be tearing it up this year. Can't wait for regular season.

    TD moment...

    Been out of work for almost 15 months due to a string of events including loosing my job, back surgery and rehab time, economy and more...
    I've been pounding the pavement and putting out applications, networking, with little to no results. I've never had to try so hard to get a job.
    I have a mortgage and other bills and have passed on a couple jobs, because they just weren't going to pay near enough any time soon. And, I would be doing a disservice the the companies who have to put money and time into training, while I'm looking for another job.

    Anyway, went to an interview for a very temporary gig that really didn't seem too promising, and only pays about 3/4 of what I need.

    The guy and I hit it off really well, and he tells me he's trying to make it a permanent position for the right person. 50/50 chance at this point. But, he thinks it'll likely happen.

    He asks what I need for money. So, I tell him what I would like, what I need, and what I will work for, for now.
    He says he is interested. So, I ask if my need number is going to scare him away. No!
    So, it sounds like he wants to push for me, and get me what I will need, and that he thinks I will fit with the team enough to fill the position. And, try to make it permanent.

    Oh, and he can get medical benes, for me in a month.

    Not trying to be pie in the sky. And, I may or may not even get the gig. But it went well. And, I got some confidence in myself, after being kinda down about things lately.


  5. Craig,

    Glad you got to lace-up the cleats yesterday. Here's hoping for a speedy rehab!

    Todays touchdown:

    Holding my 10-week-old son MacArthur while mom went to class this morning. This bonding time is priceless!

  6. Joe, good luck with the possible job! That's exciting. Brent, I know exactly what you mean about the priceless time with your son. Cool name for him too.

  7. Yo man.... Get well , and get back on the field when you can . Rooting for you all the way Craig.

  8. Hey CT, how's the contusion healing?