Monday, August 24, 2009

Welcome to Terrill's Touchdowns

My family is finally back in town and training camp is over. Now, we have less than three weeks before the football season is officially underway!

It’s hard to believe that this will be my sixth NFL season. It seems like just yesterday that my wife and I were lying in our apartment wondering if I would make the team my first NFL season. Rather than announcing who makes the team, they only announce who has been released. The process happens over a period of about three days — needless to say, that three day span has been sleepless for us every year.

This year is a little bit different for me because now I have a nine month old daughter. Rather than spending time worrying about what the future will bring, she helps me stay in the moment. I just sang nursery rhymes with her (the itsy bitsy spider is her favorite) and we rolled a small basketball back and forth across the living room floor.

When she smiles at me, my world is complete. I'm sure that those of you who are parents understand. She and her mother help to make me the happiest man in the world. I feel so blessed.

Well, I better head off. My girls are upstairs waiting for me to read a story before we all turn in for the night. Tomorrow is another day of football -I can’t wait!!!

Because there is no greater thrill in football than scoring a touchdown, each time I write a blog I’m going to include “today’s touchdown” — an awesome moment from my day. I'm interested to hear what your touchdowns were today too.


Watching a video about the purposes of marriage with Rachel. It was a great reminder for us that marriage is about reflecting God’s love and not a selfish endeavor. It is about serving each other and not getting our own needs met. Rachel and I both love working on our marriage — we’re lucky that we started off on the right foot six years ago and I still feel like the luckiest man alive when I wake up next to her every morning!


  1. Marriage = God + Man + Wife

    Looking forward to another great Seahawk Year!

  2. Hey Craig, Huge Seahawks fan. Season tix since inception. Thanks fro being such a great part of the team and our community.

    TD moment...
    So I'm talking to my Mother on the phone (about the whole Edgerrin(sp?) James thing), when her other phone rings.
    Sounding surprised, she say's, "Oh, it's your sister", and started talking to her.
    Stepfather picks up and apologizes.
    I say, "Well that's alright. Mom hasn't talked to her in a while".
    He returns with "No, it isn't, she's interupting, and you're our favorite person to talk to".
    It doesn't seem like much, but I never thought THAT would come from him.
    Mom, sure. But not him.
    A little background.
    He's a cranky, cynical, stubborn old man, and I like the guy a lot.
    He's got 4 of his own kids and Mom had her 4 besides me.
    He was around through my teens (I'm 41 now), and I know he really didn't think I was going to mount to much, because I got into plenty of trouble... To say the least. Not that we didn't get along, just that I was not heading in a good direction, and he knew it.
    And, Mom has told me as much, recently.
    Just made me feel like... I've done good in someones, eyes. Some one I didn't really know thought about it much.


  3. Hi Craig, it's good to read of your first post! I just want to wish you and your family good luck for the family life and many more great Seahawks season!

    one of the many Seahawks fan from Hungary, Europe

  4. Thanks for your comments. I love the touchdown moment with your stepfather. Awesome!

  5. Josh - you are so right.

    Laci - so cool that the Seahawks have fans in Hungary! Thanks for cheering!

  6. This is a wonderful way to keep a journal for our sweet Journey and her future siblings. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and great attitude with us . we are so comforted to have such a fantastic son-in-law and so proud of you!

    Lots of Love, hugs, and smiles
    Journeys Nanny

  7. Craig and Ray - Congrats on 3 years of marriage. If you and Ray need to get away - Uncle Gary is always willing to watch his grand niece! We love you all.