Monday, September 14, 2009

MNF @ Nectar Lounge 10/5

Join me and my friends at Nectar Lounge for MNF on 10/5 to help raise money for Gloria's Angels. Music, football, good friends, good times! I hope you can all be there. Buy tickets in advance to secure your spot:

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  1. what's going on? how are you guys feeling about what's happened to leodis mckelvin of the bills after monday nights game? what kinds of things are you guys saying in the locker room about it? does it make you think of any extra precautions you might want to take? it's horrible to think of a fan going to those extremes... but there are stupid people everywhere and it would seem ignorant to pretend that seattle doesn't have them as well. here's wishing you and the rest of the guys a successful and, most important, safe season.

    touchdown moment: listening to the rain fall on the street, standing out on the patio with a cold one, chicken and corn on the BBQ grill, watching my girlfriend pick out some chick flick onDemand. i take joy out of taking joy in little things.

    a great band once sang... ''i can't complain and all my bills have been paid. thank you so much for all the wonderful.''