Saturday, September 5, 2009

Seahawks Roster

This is the most nerve-wracking weekend of the year for most NFL football players -- me included. After the last preseason game, teams cut their rosters from 75 to 53 players. That means that there are twenty-two players who played for the Seahawks in Thursday's game who will not play during the regular season. That also means that there are 704 NFL-caliber football players who played in the last preseason games who will not play in the NFL at all this season. As a football player, that's scary stuff.

In the NFL nothing is guaranteed. So, for the last six years, I've had the same upside down feeling in my gut during the cut weekend. I'm not sure why, but I thought this weekend might be different for me. It wasn't.

Rachel and I just celebrated our third wedding anniversary. We went away Friday night and our (awesome) neighbors watched Journey for us. We didn't go far -- just to Bellevue. We stayed in the Bellevue Westin in an amazing corner suite that looked over all of Bellevue. We had ahi tacos (they are incredible) and sliders at Joey's in Bellevue and then bought a piece of cake at The Cheesecake Factory (white chocolate macademia nut cheesecake) that we brought back to our room. We spent some time walking through Bellevue Square and reminiscing about the early days of our relationship when we lived at Milano Apartments in Bellevue. It was wonderful. I had my gorgeous wife beside me -- she is my love, my inspiration, and my best friend. Life couldn't get any better.

When we woke up Sunday morning, I couldn't help but watch the clock tick down until 12:00 finally hit and I knew the Seahawks were probably done with their cuts. My wife and I breathed a huge sigh of relief that we could spend another year together in Seattle with the Seahawks. Even though I'm excited about playing this year, it's never easy to say goodbye to friends (who feel like brothers) who were cut this weekend. Most of them from the Seahawks will have no problem securing a place either on the practice squad or on another team's 53-man roster.

For now, I'm going to make dinner with my wife, enjoying our time back at home with our little girl, and celebrating one more year in Seattle.

TODAY'S TOUCHDOWN: You're probably guessing that it is making the 53 man roster....It was sleeping in with my wife without our daughter crying to wake us up. Did I mention our neighbors are awesome?


  1. I'm sure your fans feel like they have scored the TD Craig, you so deserve to be on the team! Looking forward to watching you guys go....all...the...way this season!!! Go Seahawks!

  2. Congrats Craig!!!
    How 'bout the heart those guys showed on the field the other day? What a great night.
    My voice is usually ok 'till the first or second game of the regular season. Not this time. I won't sound right until about April/May.

    I think you guys have an awesome team put together. Good luck with the season.
    I'll be there at Qwest, being as loud as I can.

  3. Great to have you here for another year, you deserve it. God has a plan for you here in Seattle...I'm hoping it includes a two words - beginning with an S ending w/ an L. Have a great Season!!

  4. I took my 2 year old to the game on Thursday, we had a blast. Some one on one time with him is always worth it. During the open practices and training camp, all of my boys and I had got to know the players. We learned of their individual backgrounds, got pictures and autographs. It's been a great start to football season. After learning of the final cuts made, we were all saddened. I can imagine it being worse for teammates. Like losing a part of your family. We now have autographed footballs and personal pictures that are worth more to us, cause the players in them were one a part of this great family, the Seahawks Family. We hope the best for all those players, and look forward to a great season!

    CT, you the man. I'm enjoying this blog, and getting to know ya better! All the best!


    Touchdown Moment

    "Taking the wife out for the weekend for our anniversary to see "Wicked"! Being wicked and not telling her what we are doing for the weekend. All she knew when we left the house is, we were not coming home that night!

  5. hooray! glad to hear you're staying in seattle another year and we get to see journey get another year older! :)