Friday, September 18, 2009

San Fran Game Prep

What a big week! Winning at home is expected for the Seahawks, but we have struggled in the past on the road, sometimes failing to bring back a "W". So, what better challenge than going down to San Francisco to face a divisional opponent? We have talked about facing this kind of adversity throughout training camp, on Sunday we'll be put to the test.

With the first road game of the year I have to dig into my closet to find a suit to wear that will meet the team dress code. Anyone who knows me knows that I am more of a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy. I definitely cannot keep up with some of my flashier teammates (Brandon Mebane, Nate Burleson, Deion Branch). I don't even know where to buy fuchsia dress pants. And I will not be wearing any pink shirt this year, even if Matt (#8) says it's the new brown. Looks good on him though......(Caddy Shack fans?)

Last night Rachel and I went to say hello to some friends at Albert Lee appliances in Tukwilla. They were having a circus party in the store with fire breathers, a contortionist, and jugglers. It was pretty cool, good people too. We met two of the four Albert Lees. It made me wish we were in need of some new appliances.

We have some family in town this week as well. Rachel's grandpa is here with one of his friends, Chuck. It is always nice to have people travel across the country to come see us.

Tonight I am taking it easy resting my legs. I'm gonna grab some dinner tonight and watch some extra game film for San Fran. I also have an old DVD of John Randle's pass rush clips. He was a player that I watched as a high school student so I am looking forward to revisiting a few great moves. I might even pull a couple out of the bag for this Sunday.

Don't forget Oct. 5th at the Nectar Lounge in Freemont for Monday Night Football. It will be a great night for a charity we support -- Gloria's Angels.

Today's Touchdown: Every now and then we put on the boxing gloves and spar at the Seahawks facility for conditioning. It is a great workout and is easier on the knees than just straight running. I did four one minute rounds today. Sound easy? Go out and throw punches for a minute straight and see if you can repeat it three more times. I was exhausted and glad I had gotten some extra conditioning in for this Sunday.


  1. Hi Craig! Can't wait to see you guys take on SF this Sunday. My husband and I will be there to cheer you all on and I'll have on my #93 jersey! GO HAWKS!

  2. GL tomorrow, I cant wait! 2-0 and first place!!!

  3. Was it the John Randle tapes that made #56 so good for the Tigers? I thought it was his Defensive Coordinator! Give me a call soon and let's catch up.
    Coach B.